Since 1998 FNF is active in Serbia. Starting undercover during Milosevic’s time from a home office it covered a cooperation with the Association of Free Cities and Municipalities and oppositional political forces such as the Civic Alliance of Serbia (GSS). Currently the main focal points are local politics – Libernet opens a window of opportunity for battled Liberals in Serbia – interethnic dialogues (Serbian-Croatian, Serbian-Kosovo, Serbian-Bosnian) for all young democratic politicians. A new, fast growing project is Smart Cities (see more Serbia is a core country of the Freedom Barometer which is focusing on three elementary principles of freedom: economic freedom, rule of law and political freedom. Despite setbacks Serbia is on EU-track: end of 2016 it had opened four out of 35 chapters. The government is facing growing demands from its population: to stop the brain-drain (estimated 36.000 people per year), fight corruption and improve the living conditions.

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